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The Karen Carpenter Story (1989) DVD Bonus Music Videos


Item Price/Item Quantity
The Karen Carpenter Story (1989) DVD Bonus Music Videos $17.95

The Karen Carpenter Story (1989)
Carpentars "Yesterday Once More"

Movie Synopsis:
As the real-life Carpenters singing group is heard on the sound track, Cynthia Gibb stars as Karen Carpenter, with Mitchell Anderson costarring as her brother Richard. Karen's rise to the top is dutifully detailed, while Richard's brief flirtation with drug addiction is handled with discretion. The film takes a tragic turn when Karen's anorexia nervosa overcomes her ability to function, and finally kills her. The Karen Carpenter Story was a ratings winner, encouraging other less tasteful producers to overload the market with bad to indifferent made-for-TV life stories. The film was coproduced by the real Richard Carpenter, who has made the telling of his sister's story something of a lifetime mission.

Cynthia Gibb ... Karen Carpenter
Mitchell Anderson ... Richard Carpenter
Peter Michael Goetz ... Harold Carpenter
Michael McGuire ... Sherwin Bash
Lise Hilboldt ... Lucy
Kip Gilman ... David Lattimer
Richard Minchenberg
Scott Burkholder ... Ted
Louise Fletcher ... Agnes Carpenter
John Patrick Reger ... Bob Knight
Doug MacHugh ... Dr. Lazwell
William Tucker ... Peter Howard
Henry Crowell Jr. ... Denny
Josh Cruze ... Herb Alpert
Carrie Mitchum ... Randy Bash

Bonus Extras:
"Yesterday Once More" Music Videos:

Those Good Old Dreams
Rainy Days and Mondays
All you Get From Love is a Love Song
Top of the World
Ticket to Ride
Only Yesterday
Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft
Beechwood 4-54789
Touch Me When we are Dancing
Hurting Each Other
Please Mr. Postman
There's A kind of Hush
(They long to be) Close to You
15 music videos with an additional total running of 55 minutes.

DVD Features:
Menu with scene selection!
Format: Fullscreen
Language: English!
Movie Runtime: 97 Minutes

Region Code: (free) will play worldwide!
All items are sold sealed!

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Item Price/Item Quantity
The Karen Carpenter Story (1989) DVD Bonus Music Videos $17.95

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