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last updated -1/00/2020

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Elvis Unedited Masters: Stax (1973) CD (undubbed Takes) original new import!


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Elvis Unedited Masters: Stax (1973) CD (undubbed Takes) original new import! $59.00

Venus Productions: Elvis Unedited Masters Stax (1973)
  • Unedited Masters : Stax 1973 in great sound quality CD. The first fourteen tracks feature mostly unedited overdub masters and some undubbed masters, all recorded during the famous Stax 1973 sessions. One of the highlights is definitely the complete unedited master of Promised Land with vocal harmony by Elvis himself, and partly used in the movie and on the album 'This Is Elvis'.

    The eleven bonus tracks were all recorded after the Aloha Special for inclusion during the Special shown later that year in the USA. It features several takes of some of the performances, and dialogues between Elvis, the producer and his musicians. We are again able to present all these tracks in our usual 'out of space' sound.

  • As always there are no fade-ins, no fade-outs and all recordings were left as there were recorded.

  • Tracks:
    01 Promised Land Take 6* 
    02 It's Midnight (undubbed) Take 19
    03 If You Talk In Your Sleep Unedited master
    04 Thinking About You Unedited O.V. master
    05 Love Song Of The Year Unedited O.V.master
    06 Help Me (with false Start) overdubbed master
    07 My Boy unedited O.V. master 
    08 Loving Arms (with backing vocals) overdubbed master
    09 Good Time Charlie's Got The Blues une. undubbed master
    10 Talk About The Good Times Unedited O.V. master
    11 Your Love's Been A Long Time Coming Unedited OV. Master
    12 There's A Honky Tonk Angel Unedited O.V. master 
    13 If You Talk In Your Sleep Backing vocals overdub 
    14 If That Isn't Love Take 1 4:04 * Take 6 V.O. : Vocal harmony by Elvis (unedited)

    Bonus tracks :

    15 Blue Hawaii rehearsal (incomplete) 
    16 Dialogue
    17 Blue Hawaii /dialogue Take 1
    18 Blue Hawaii Take 2 
    19 Dialogue 
    20 Ku-U-I-Po Take 1 
    21 Dialogue / No More Take 1
    22 Dialogue / Hawaiian Wedding Song Take 2
    23 Hawaiian Wedding Song Take 3 
    24 Hawaiian Wedding Song Take 4 
    25 Early Morning Rain Take 2

    Venus Productions: Original Venus Productions: New & sealed Import

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Item Price/Item Quantity
Elvis Unedited Masters: Stax (1973) CD (undubbed Takes) original new import! $59.00

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