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Looking For Love DVD with Bonus: Connie Francis Scrapbook


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Looking For Love DVD with Bonus: Connie Francis Scrapbook $15.95

Looking For Love 
The Connie Francis Scrapbook
An American Treasure!

  • Connie Francis stars in this romantic musical-comedy as Libby Caruso, an aspiring young entertainer who yearns for the attention of handsome Paul Davis (Jim Hutton). Though at first Paul is not interested in her, Libby soon wins him over. Upon catching him, however, Libby changes her mind and decides a young grocer (Joby Baker) is a better prospect. Libby's roomate and pal, Jan (Susan Oliver), doesn't seem to mind leftovers when Paul takes an interest in her.

  • Starring: Connie Francis, Jim Hutton, Susan Oliver, Joby Baker, Barbara Nichols, Jay C. Flippen, Johnny Carson, George Hamilton, Yvette Mimieux, Paula Prentiss, Danny Thomas


  • Connie Francis. As much a part of the American scene as Mom's proverbial "apple pie". As Connie grew to become a musical legend, we also grew up with her; from the simple days of the fifties through the turbulent social changes of the sixties, and now, a continuing part of our lives in the new age nineties. Her voice and songs have captivated millions over the years, and her life is a scrapbook of America coming of age. In this video, Connie provides an intimate conversation with her fans. In her own words, she relates some of her life experiences which may have affected our lives too. Listen to Connie as she speaks about her deep heartfelt relationship with Bobby Darin; how Neil Sedaka and Howard Greenfield, a great songwriting team, worked with her in writing songs; and Connie's personal career highlight "in a hell hole called Viet Nam," of all places! All of these stories, and more, are presented here for you, Connie's friends and fans, for your enjoyment. Connie's story is our story. The story being an American and enjoying its music and culture, it is a true "American Treasure"; the Connie Francis Scrapbook! Documentary Short Runtime: 25 minutes.

DVD Features:
Full menu with scene selection!
Format: Widescreen!
Language: English! (no subtitles)
Region Code: (free) will play worldwide!

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Item Price/Item Quantity
Looking For Love DVD with Bonus: Connie Francis Scrapbook $15.95

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