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Long Gone (1987) DVD William L. Petersen, Virginia Madsen



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Long Gone (1987) DVD William L. Petersen, Virginia Madsen $19.95


Set in Florida's minor leagues in the fifties, Stud Cantrell is a hardbitten manager/player of a rag-tag team, the Tampico Stogies. They gut their way to the pennant-deciding game, when the opposing team's owner offers stud the career opportunity of a lifetime... for a price.

William L. Petersen .... Cecil 'Stud' Cantrell
Virginia Madsen .... Dixie Lee Boxx
Dermot Mulroney .... Jamie Weeks
Larry Riley .... Joe Louis Brown
Katy Boyer .... Esther Wrenn
Henry Gibson .... Hale Buchman
Teller .... Hale Buchman, Jr.
Robert Easton .... Cletis Ramey
Panchito Gómez .... Paco Izquierdo
David Langston Smyrl .... Monroe Wright
Guich Koock .... Bump Klein
Arthur Rosenberg .... Peaches Cluff
Will Zahrn .... Knucksie Chappell
Edward Blatchford .... Whiz Whsonant
Joel Murray .... Bart Polanski

Directed by: Martin Davidson

Main & Scene Selection!
Language: English
Runtime: 107 min
Rating: Not Rated

Region Code: (free) will play worldwide!
This dvd is new~sealed.

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Item Price/Item Quantity
Long Gone (1987) DVD William L. Petersen, Virginia Madsen $19.95

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