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Barry Manilow DVD Live in Concert on Broadway (1991)



Item Price/Item Quantity
Barry Manilow DVD Live in Concert on Broadway (1991) $17.95


Barry Manilow draws you into his world, and it's a world of warmth, tenderness, and love, along with a nice slice of humor. Filmed at the Gershwin Theater in NYC you'd wish you'd been there to see it live. The musical numbers are super-energetic, and whether at the piano or dancing around the stage, he shines from start to finish.
  • Songs: 
    Sweet Life
    It's a Long Way Up
    Brooklyn Blues
    I Am Your Child
    Dirt Cheap
    God Bless the Other 99
    Please Don't Be Scared
    The One That Got Away
    Some Good Things Never Lost
    Keep Each Other Warm
    Hey Mambo

  • Medley of Hits:
    One Voice / I Write the Songs / The Old Songs /  bandstand boogie / Don't Want to Walk Without You / Weekend in New England / Even Now / Some Kind of Friend / New York City Rhythm / Copacaban / Read 'Em and Weep / When I Wanted You / Somewhere Down the Road / This One's for You / Tryin' to Get the Feeling / Ready to Take a Chance Again / It's a Miracle / Let's Hang On / Somewhere in the Night / Could It Be Magic / I Made it Through the Rain / Daybreak / I Write the Songs and When the Good Times Come Again.
  • DVD Features:
  • Full menu with Scene Selection /Run-time: 90 Minutes.
    Region Code: (free) DVD MOD will play worldwide and not silver pressed!
    • Guaranteed superior quality!
    • New & Sealed!

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Item Price/Item Quantity
Barry Manilow DVD Live in Concert on Broadway (1991) $17.95

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