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Sisters In The Name of Love (1986) DVD TV special Patti LaBelle, Knight, Warwick


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Sisters In The Name of Love (1986) DVD TV special Patti LaBelle, Knight, Warwick $17.95

In The Name of Love (1986)
  • Review:
    Patti LaBelle joins Gladys Knight and Dionne Warwick for an incredible special titled: “Sisters: In the name of love.” Truly a remarkable evening from all three of these talented ladies! This special ran on HBO back in the mid-eighties. Throughout the show, the ladies perform many of their favorites! Such incredible voices! And so much energy too! While performing “Living in America” Patti displays her ability to do the “slide!” shuffling across the stage, with such ease! Slowing things down, they each take a turn in the spotlight. Gladys sings the classic anthem from the 70’s: “I will survive” adding her own touch to this particular song. When Dionne takes to the stage, she sings “I will never love this way again.” Which is truly fantastic! Picking up the pace, Patti takes her moment in the spotlight to perform her signature tune “New Attitude.” Gladys, Patti & Dionne do it with CLASS!
DVD Features:
Musical special featuring:
Gladys Knight, Dionne Warwick and Patti La Belle!

"Love is the Spirit" (LaBelle, Knight, Warwick)
"Livin' in America (LaBelle, Knight, Warwick)
a short intro song & interlude -
"I Will Survive / Free Again" (Gladys Knight)
"I'll Never Love This Way Again" (Dionne Warwick)
"Somewhere" (LaBelle, Knight, Warwick)
"My Girl (My Guy)" (LaBelle, Knight, Warwick)
"For the Love of Money" (LaBelle, Knight, Warwick)
"The Ten Commandments of Love" (LaBelle, Knight, Warwick)
"Yackety-yak" (LaBelle, Knight, Warwick)
"I Only Have Eyes For You" (LaBelle, Knight, Warwick)
"Can't Help Myself" (LaBelle, Knight, Warwick)
"That's What Friends Are For" (LaBelle, Knight, Warwick)
"Love is the Spirit" (LaBelle, Knight, Warwick)

Two Performances by:
Patti LaBelle and Dolly Parton!
LaBelle fabulous version of: "I've Been Loving You Too Long"
LaBelle & Parton perform: "Up Above My Head"

NOTE: "Sisters In The Name of Love" is a RARE 1986 TV show that was transferred to dvd. Do not expect studio quality video on this. That does not exist. The picture quality is good and enjoyable.

Region: (free) will play in all US & worldwide DVD player!

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Item Price/Item Quantity
Sisters In The Name of Love (1986) DVD TV special Patti LaBelle, Knight, Warwick $17.95

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