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Sometimes a Great Notion (1971) WS DVD Paul Newman, Henry Fonda


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Sometimes a Great Notion (1971) WS DVD Paul Newman, Henry Fonda $17.95


Hank Stamper (Paul Newman) and his father, Henry Stamper (Henry Fonda) own and operate the family business by cutting and shipping logs in Oregon. The town is furious when they continue working despite the town going broke and the other loggers go on strike ordering the Stampers to stop, however Hank continues to push his family on cutting more trees. Hank's wife (Lee Remick) wishes he would stop and hopes that they can spend more time together. When Hank's half trouble making brother Leland (Michael Sarrazin) comes to work for them, more trouble starts

Paul Newman ... Hank Stamper
Henry Fonda ... Henry Stamper
Lee Remick ... Viv Stamper, Hank's Wife
Michael Sarrazin ... Leland Stamper
Richard Jaeckel ... Joe Ben Stamper
Linda Lawson ... Jan Stamper, Joe Ben's Wife
Cliff Potts ... Andy Stamper
Sam Gilman ... John Stamper
Lee de Broux ... Willard Eggleston
Jim Burk ... Biggy Newton
Roy Jenson ... Howie Elwood
Joe Maross ... Floyd Evenwrite
Roy Poole ... Jonathan Stamper
Charles Tyner ... Les Gibbons
Bennie E. Dobbins ... Bit Part (as Bennie Dobbins

Director: Paul Newman
Writers: Ken Kesey (novel), John Gay (writer)

DVD Features:
Menu with Scene Selection / Widescreen Edition
Language: English/ Runtime: 1 Hr & 55 Minutes
Region: (free) will play worldwide!
Theatrical Trailer!
New & sealed!

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Item Price/Item Quantity
Sometimes a Great Notion (1971) WS DVD Paul Newman, Henry Fonda $17.95

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