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Brian Dennehy: TO CATCH A KILLER DVD /color/189 minutes


Item Price/Item Quantity
Brian Dennehy: TO CATCH A KILLER DVD /color/189 minutes $19.95

To Catch A Killer
John Wayne Gacy was a respected member of his suburban Illinois community -- he was an active member of several service organizations, ran his own business, and entertained children as Pogo the Clown in his spare time. But Gacy had a terrible secret, and before he was finally brought in by the police, he had raped and killed over 30 young men and buried them beneath his house. To Catch a Killer is a made-for-TV movie that examines Gacy's life and crimes, and Joe Kozenczak (Michael Riley), the cop who finally brought John Wayne Gacy (Brian Dennehy) to justice. The supporting cast includes Margot Kidder and Meg Foster. 

Brian Dennehy ... John Wayne Gacy 
Michael Riley ... Lieutenant Joseph 'Joe / Polock' Kozenczak 
Margot Kidder ... Rachel Grayson 
Meg Foster ... City Attorney Linda Carlson 
Martin Julien ... Theodore 'Ted' Koslo 
Scott Hylands ... Delta Squad Sergeant Mike Paxton 
David Eisner ... Detective Terry Williams 
John Boylan ... Detective Gary Atkins 
Tony De Santis ... Delta Squad Detective Craig DeMarco 
Mark Humphrey ... Delta Squad Detective King 
Gary Reineke ... Delta Squad Detective Leonard 'Lenny' Petrie 
Tim Progosh ... Delta Squad Detective Jack Morris 
Danny Pawlick ... Patrolman Tony Santori 
Bruce Ramsay ... Forensic Officer Edward 'Ed' Bragg 
Brenda Bazinet ... Alice Pearson 

Director: Eric Till
Writer: Jud Kinberg 

DVD Features:
Full Menu with Chapter Selection,
Format: Full Screen /Language: English,
Runtime: 3 Hr & 5 Mins. BONUS: Promotional Trailer!

Region Code: (1 NTSC) for the US & Canada,
Excellenc DVD quality!

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Item Price/Item Quantity
Brian Dennehy: TO CATCH A KILLER DVD /color/189 minutes $19.95

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