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Expo 93 Taejon Korea Local Government Pavilion Photos Pamphlet + Booklet 1993


Item Price/Item Quantity
Expo 93 Taejon Korea Local Government Pavilion Photos Pamphlet + Booklet 1993 $15.00

(Scroll down to see all the photos - click on each photo to see a close-up) This auction is for items sent from the director of the Local Government Pavilion at Expo '93 - Taejon Korea to a writer in Chicago. This auction includes a letter from the Director of the Local Government Pavilion ( Lee Ga-Bock ), a pamphlet on the Local Government Pavilion, 6 color photographs, a booklet on the Expo and all these items are in the original envelope that they were sent from Korea in. The pamphlet has four panels on each side and it includes a layout of the pavilion. Five of the photos measure 5" x 7" and two of them measure 3-1/2" x 5". One of the smaller photos is of the exterior of the Local Government Pavilion and I believe the rest are of the interior of the same pavilion. Most of the photos are in good condition - a couple have some light scuffs. The booklet measures 8-1/2" x 11-1/2" and has 36 pages. The booklet was put out by the Taejon International Exposition Organizing Committee. The contents of the booklet are: Expo '93 General Info, Site Exhibition, Site Operation, Science-Technology Projects, Cultural Events, Expo Exhibitions and Funding Projects. The booklet is in good condition - it has some creases in the corners from mailing. A NICE GROUP OF ITEMS RELATED TO EXPO '93 TAEJON! When packed this will ship at the 2 pound rate, so postage would be from $6 to $11, depending on your distance from Chicago. Check out my other auctions for more Expo '93 items and more Expo and World's Fair items. Combine auction wins to save on postage. If you win more than one item, wait for me to send you an invoice combining postage. Last year I purchased an enormous collection of World's Fair items from just about every World's Fair and Exposition from San Diego 1915 through Japan 2005. It seems like the man visited just about every fair and expo from 1964 through 2005 all over the world - Canada, Japan, Portugal, Spain, South Korea, Australia, the U.S. and other countries. I'm still going through the 40+ containers which contain souvenirs, photos, slides (He took lots of photographs and slides of these expositions), books, publications, etc. The man was also an editor for a book publisher in New York City and he received many press kits on some of these fairs. These press kits contained press releases and photos and weren't available to the general public. If you are looking for a particular world's fair or exposition, let me know and I'll list them. If you are interested in a specific companies or country's participation at World's Fairs from 1964 through 2008, let me know and I can make up an auction lot that covers that specific company's or country's participation over the range of several World's Fairs. (ie you collect items related to Chrysler or Sweden and would like items related to either one, so I'll put together a group of items from the 1964, 1967, 1968, 1970, 1975, 1982, etc Expos & World's Fairs on Chrysler (or Sweden, etc) and make one auction lot of it. This collection will take many months to go through! All descriptions copyright 2012 rockndeco.

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Item Price/Item Quantity
Expo 93 Taejon Korea Local Government Pavilion Photos Pamphlet + Booklet 1993 $15.00

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