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Expo 2000 UK Pavilion Press Kit + Color Photos Hannover Germany Pin Pen CD-Rom

Item Price/Item Quantity
Expo 2000 UK Pavilion Press Kit + Color Photos Hannover Germany Pin Pen CD-Rom $18.00

(Scroll down to see all the photos - click on each photo to see a close-up) This auction is for a press kit for the United Kingdom Pavilion at Expo 2000 - Hannover, Germany. The press kit comes in the original envelope that was sent from Germany. This packet was sent to a writer who had visited the UK Pavilion and wrote for more information. The press kit includes: a card stock folder that held the papers and photos (the folder got bent when it was sent through the mail; a letter from the Protocol Manager at the UK Pavilion; 5 pages of info/fact sheet on the pavilion (bent); two color photos of the exterior of the pavilion (each measures 6-3/4" x 10"); three color photos of the interior of the pavilion (each measures 8" x 8") - the 5 photos have a few small bends; a 5-1/2" x 10" box that holds two CD-Roms - "Planet Britain 2000" and "100 Questions Answered". These were made for Windows 95, 98 or NT - I tried them in my Windows 7 and the PLanet Britain 2000 didn't work - the 100 Questions one started to load, but needed Quick Time 4 to load. (I'm not too tech saavy, maybe you can figure out how to get them to work) The box also has a UK Datafile 2000 spiral bound booklet. The next item is a 6" x 6" envelope with 5 fold-out round discs with info printed on them. There is a UK 2000 screen saver on a 3-1/2" floppy disc. There is a small book "UK - small islands - Big Ideas" which measures 3-3/8" x 3-3/4" and has 140 pages. The next item is 5" long plastic UK pavilion pen (still works). There is a metal pin from the UK pavilion - 1-1/2" wide. The items are in good to very good condition, except where noted. A HARD-TO-FIND PRESS KIT WITH SOME BEAUTIFUL PHOTOS FROM THE UNITED KINGDOM PAVILION AT EXPO 2000! This will ship at the 3 pound rate so postage will be from $6 to $12, depending on your distance from Chicago - check the postage calculator. Check out my other auctions for a few other items from Expo 2000. Combine auction wins to save on postage. If you win more than one item, wait for me to send an updated postage with combined shipping. I just bought an enormous collection of World's Fair items from just about every World's Fair and Exposition from San Diego 1915 through Japan 2005. It includes just about every fair and expo from 1964 through 2005 all over the world - Canada, Japan, Portugal, Spain, South Korea, Australia, the U.S. and other countries. I'm just starting to go the 40+ containers which contain souvenirs, photos, slides (There are lots of photographs and slides of these expositions), books, publications, etc. The collection also includes many press kits. These press kits contained press releases and photos and weren't available to the general public. If you are looking for a particular world's fair or exposition, let me know and I'll list them. If you are looking for a specific pavilion or exhibit, let me know and I'll check to see what I have and list it. Also, if you are interested in a specific pavilion or exhibit let me know. This collection will take many months to go through!

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Item Price/Item Quantity
Expo 2000 UK Pavilion Press Kit + Color Photos Hannover Germany Pin Pen CD-Rom $18.00

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