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C&C Signs and Boat Lettering ~
Vinyl Lettering of ALL Types ~ Quality Signs at Affordable Prices!

12" x 300" VIOLET Sign Vinyl for Cutter PLOTTER GRAPHICS LOGOs


Item Price/Item Quantity
12" x 300" VIOLET Sign Vinyl for Cutter PLOTTER GRAPHICS LOGOs $9.99

VIOLET Sign Vinyl (also called Plum) for Cutter Plotter
12" x 300" Roll gloss finish.
GREAT for CRICUT Personal Electronic Cutter.
Cricut uses the term "1.5 mm" (1.5 mm is apx. 1/16" thick) and in the Sign Vinyl business we call the vinyl "2.8 mil" that is not the same as "2.8 mm" our vinyl is very thin, itís only 2.8 mil. or .100mm, so we hope this clears up any confusion.
apx. 1'x25'

apx. 12 in. x300 in. VINYL CLOSE-OUT
If you have a vinyl cutter
/ plotter or just need some adhesive-backed self stick vinyl to "cut by hand", here is a reasonable, cost effective way to get into production.

NEW STOCK 5 yr. LIFE. Designed for general purpose interior/exterior, Magnetic Signs, Posters, Show Cards, Window Graphics, Designs, Logos, also some boat / car / van lettering (please keep in mind that this vinyl is not High Performance Vinyl and should be only used for low budget jobs, what we call throw away jobs). Plus, you can layer with other colors for special applications. Also good for arts and crafts, school projects, store displays, point-of-sale items, shelf liner etc...

Priced low enough to be used as a paint mask, or 1 time use sand blasting mask! It's inexpensive enough to use for experimentation. Just cut, peel, and stick.
We will be listing more of this vinyl and some different
COLORS, RED, BLUE, YELLOW, PLUM, GREEN, BLACK look for our other auctions.

It cuts very well on friction feed vinyl cutters or you can cut quite nicely "free hand" with an "X-acto" knife, razor knife, or scissors.

Specifications: Commercial Grade - 2.8 mil - 5 Yr. Outdoor Expected Durability, adhesive-backed selfstick vinyl, w/color on both sides.

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Please don't ask us to replace packages that the POST OFFICE LOST or DAMAGED if you don't pay for the insurance, all Postal Rules will apply for Insurance claims.

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Item Price/Item Quantity
12" x 300" VIOLET Sign Vinyl for Cutter PLOTTER GRAPHICS LOGOs $9.99

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