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DJK Wholesale
DJ kits Enterprises Ltd.

DJK ENTERPRISES manufactures and distributes professional road case sound and lighting. For Retail or wholesale? purchase here or contact us: (312)233-2127 (USA), 1-855-818-6688(Canada). Email:

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4 Pieces Large Butterfly latch /Catch DJK-LATCH4

Tripod Musical Book Stand DJK-BS122

Portable 36" Width DJ Coffin Stand DJK-36STAND

3 Space Rack Mount Shelf (Tray) DJK-MDE3

All Black Case hold 12" DJ Mixer 12MIXBLK

Black and Red Case hold 12" DJ Mixer 12MIXBLKR

12 Space AMP Rack Case DJK-12UAD

Mixer Amp Combo Rack Mount Case 10U x 12U DJK-M12UC

Road Case for DJ Mixer Denon DN-X100 DJK-X100

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