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last updated 00/03/2019

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DJK Wholesale
DJ kits Enterprises Ltd.

DJK ENTERPRISES manufactures and distributes professional road case sound and lighting. For Retail or wholesale? purchase here or contact us: (312)233-2127 (USA), 1-855-818-6688(Canada). Email:

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6 Space Shawllow Amp/Effects Rack case DJK-6UED

(2) Road Cases Plasma TV/ LCD 38" to 42" DJK-PLASMA42C

Utility Large Road Case fill Up diace Foam DJK-DRC

Heavy Duty tripod Light Tree t-bar and two side bar

DJ Coffin for 10" Mixer with 2 Turntabke DJK-DJ10BW

Road Case for Mackie Mixer ONYX1640 DJK-ONYX1640

A pair of XLR Cable 25 feet with Female and Male Plus

6 Space Rack Mount Case DJK-6UAD

Road Case for Mackie Mixer ONYX32.4 DJK-ONYX324W

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