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Sexual Response (1992) Shannon Tweed Laserdisc (UNCUT)


Item Price/Item Quantity
Sexual Response (1992) Shannon Tweed Laserdisc (UNCUT) $69.95

Sexual Response 
Title: Sexual Response Laserdisc (1992)
Year Released: 1992
Laserdisc Release Date: 1992-09-16
Release Country: USA
Genre: Erotic Thriller
Stars: Shannon Tweed, Illana Diamant, Catherine Oxenberg
Director: Yaky Yosha

A radio call-in host helps people with their relationships, but finds her own marriage lacking. A man approaches her in a bar, and soon she's having an affair with him. The lover starts pushing her away when she begins falling in love with him, and she begins suspecting he has ulterior motives when he steals her husband's gun.

Additional Info/Track List:
This is the UNRATED VERSION --- Contains explicit footage NOT INCLUDED in the R Rated Version
This is the Official U.S. Laserdisc Release of this title.
  • Disc in excellent condition!
  • This is a 12" laserdisc, NOT a dvd!
  • You must have a laserdisc player to watch this program in this format!

  • Condition: Used - excellent!

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Item Price/Item Quantity
Sexual Response (1992) Shannon Tweed Laserdisc (UNCUT) $69.95

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