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Elvis Presley: (1977) Having Fun In Orland: CD Volume 1 Digipack New & sealed


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Elvis Presley: (1977) Having Fun In Orland: CD Volume 1 Digipack New & sealed $43.00

  • Having Fun In Orlando Volume 1
This Orlando soundboard was recorded on Feb 15th 1977. Clearly, it was a good night. There's a 'joie de vivre' in Elvis' performance that was generally lacking in that final year. Particularly impressive are his astounding renditions of Hurt and My Way. A heartwarming performance, captured in a vibrant and exciting sound.
Having Fun In Orlando : Volume 1
Love Me 
If You Love Me (Let Me Know) 
You Gave Me A Mountain 
O Sole Mio 
It's Now Or Never (with break, medley)
All Shook Up
Teddy Bear - Don't Be Cruel (medley) 
Help Me 
Big Boss Man 
My Way (with false start and reprise) 
Band Introductions (incomplete) 
Hurt (with reprise) 
Hound Dog 
Can't Help Falling In Love 
Closing Vamp. 
Bonus performances: 
Release Me 
Trying To Get To You
My Way 
Moody Blue (attempt only)
How Great Thou Art 
Blue Christmas 
My Way (with spoken part)
That's All Right, Mama 
Bosom Of Abraham - You Better Run (medley)
And I Love You So 
Blueberry Hill 
Love Letters.
Tracks 01-14 recorded in Orlando, FL, February 15th 1977. 
Tracks 15, 16 recorded in Columbia, SC, February 18th 1977. 
Tracks 17-20 recorded in Charlotte, NC, February 20th 1977. 
Track 21 recorded in Norman, OK, March 26th 1977, 
Tracks 22, 23 recorded in Abilene, TX, March 27th 1977, 
Track 24 recorded in Alexandria, VA, March 29th 1977,  
Tracks 25-27 recorded in Alexandria, VA, March 30th 1977, 
Tracks 28, 29 recorded in St. Petersburg, FL, February 14th 1977.

Original item new and sealed!

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Item Price/Item Quantity
Elvis Presley: (1977) Having Fun In Orland: CD Volume 1 Digipack New & sealed $43.00

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