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Elvis and Me (16.9 Widescreen Edition)(DVD)


Item Price/Item Quantity
Elvis and Me (16.9 Widescreen Edition)(DVD) $18.95

16.9 Edition

  • Elvis & Me is the 1988 TV mini-series based on Priscilla's best selling book of the same name. Starring Dale Midkiff as Elvis and Susan Walters as Priscilla, the ratings blockbuster was aired over two nights. The mini-series tells their story from Priscilla's "viewpoint" as is her right. It includes many interesting stories and emotions: scenes of an Elvis look-a-like contest in the 1950s. ~ Elvis' strong dislike of Vernon's developing relationship with "sexy" Dee Presley. ~ The Beaulieu's concern over Priscilla's relationship with Elvis. ~ Elvis missing Gladys and longing for "home". ~ Elvis' concern that artists like Fabian and Ricky Nelson would replace him. ~ The "ghost' of Gladys hanging over Graceland. ~ Elvis' womanising. ~ Priscilla's loneliness resulting in her affair with Mike Stone. This Special Edition has an additional 20 minutes of a music slide show.

DVD Features:
Format: 16.9 Widescreen
Menu with Scene Selection!
Language: English / Runtime: 187 minutes
DVD: (8.5 GB Double Layer)
Region Code: (free) will play Worldwide!

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Item Price/Item Quantity
Elvis and Me (16.9 Widescreen Edition)(DVD) $18.95

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