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Alias Jesse James (1959) DVD Bob Hope, Rhonda Fleming


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Alias Jesse James (1959) DVD Bob Hope, Rhonda Fleming $14.95

  • Synopsis:
    Inept insurance salesman Milford Farnsworth sells a man a $100,000 policy. When his boss learns the man was Jesse James he sends Milford after him with money to buy back the policy. After a masked Jesse robs Milford of the money, Milford's boss heads out with more money. Jesse learns about it and plans to rob him, have Milford dressed as him get killed in the robbery, and then collect the $100,000.

  • Cast:
    Bob Hope ... Milford Farnsworth
    Rhonda Fleming ... Cora Lee Collins
    Wendell Corey ... T.J. 'Jesse' James
    Gloria Talbott ... Princess Irawanie
    Jim Davis ... Frank James
    Will Wright ... Titus Queasley
    Mary Young ... 'Ma' James
    Mickey Finn ... Tough #2 in Dirty Dog Saloon
    Bob Gunderson ... James Gang member
    Fred Kohler Jr. ... James Gang member (as Fred Kohler)
    Ethan Laidlaw ... James Gang member
    Glenn Strange ... James - Gang member

  • Directed by: Norman Z. McLeod
  • Writers: Robert St. Aubrey, Bert Lawrence (story)
DVD Features:
Menu Scene Selection / Format: Widescreen /Language: English!
Runtime: 93 Minutes, /Region Code: (0) will play worldwide.

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Item Price/Item Quantity
Alias Jesse James (1959) DVD Bob Hope, Rhonda Fleming $14.95

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