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Bless The Beasts & Children (1971) DVD Bill Mumy


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Bless The Beasts & Children (1971) DVD Bill Mumy $15.95

Bless the Beasts and Children

  • Synopsis:
    A group of adolescent boys, placed in a summer camp by their otherwise too busy parents, find themselves unable to fit in and are soon branded as bedwetters by their fellow campers and unsympathetic counselor. After their counselor exposes them to what they perceive as a cruel slaughter of corralled bison, these misfits are soon drawn to a common purpose to break free of their camp and free the bison. On their way to free the bison, individual flashbacks reveal the relationships each has with his own family and give insight to their reasons behind wanting to set the bison free. Karen and Richard Carpenter's singing of the title song occurs now and again throughout the movie to underscore the the drama.

    Bill Mumy ... Teft
    Barry Robins ... Cotton
    Miles Chapin ... Shecker
    Darel Glaser ... Goodenow
    Bob Kramer ... Lally 1
    Marc Vahanian ... Lally II
    Jesse White ... Shecker's Father
    Ken Swofford ... Wheaties
    Elaine Devry ... Cotton's Mother
    David Ketchum ... Camp Director (as Dave Ketchum)
    Vanessa Brown ... Goodenow's Mother
    Wayne Sutherlin ... Hustler
    William Bramley ... Goodenow's Grandfather

    Director: Stanley Kramer
    Writers: Mac Benoff & Glendon Swarthout

DVD Features:
Full Menu with Scene Selection!
Language: English / Rating: (PG) Runtime: 109 Minutes
Region: (free) good video quality, will play worldwide!

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Item Price/Item Quantity
Bless The Beasts & Children (1971) DVD Bill Mumy $15.95

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