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FRANK'S ELVIS ITEMS! Hard to Find Movies & Concerts DVD!
The Best Video Classic Online Store!

#1Frank's Elvis Items: 213 item(s) found.
Elvis Celebrating a King, ELVIS the MOVIE with Kurt Russell, ELVIS and the BEAUTY QUEEN, ELVIS "The Early Years" TV mini series with Michael St. Gerard

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Elvis Presley: If I Can Dream, The Wonder of You (2 DVD Set) BIG price drop! 11.00 View Details
Elvis Presley: Spliced Takes “Nashville” Original STAR CD Deluxe Digipack RARE!! 48.00 View Details
Elvis '77 The Final Curtain DVD:3 (June 19-1977 Omaha, NB) 17.95 View Details
Elvis: Too Hot To Handle CD (import great condition) 25.00 View Details
Elvis Presley: ELVIS IN CONCERT "No Comments" CD Digipack out of print! 98.00 View Details
Elvis The Sun King DVD (May 1977 tour footage) 17.95 View Details
Elvis: The Nation’s Favourite Elvis Songs DVD (PAL) 18.00 View Details
Elvis Presley: Final Countdown To Midnight: Pittsburgh (1976) 2CD/DVD Set 19.00 View Details
Elvis: The Complete Works 3 DVD Set over 9 hours THWIS + Outtakes! 44.00 View Details
Elvis Presley: TTWII DVD (best of outtakes Vol.2) RARE! 20.00 View Details
Elvis Presley: High Sierra Fever CD (5/7/73) New & sealed import! 39.00 View Details
Elvis Presley: Elvis On Tour - The Alternate Movie DVD (Unreleased footag) 17.00 View Details
Elvis Presley: Spliced Takes "Hollywood" CD NEW STAR RELEASE Deluxe Digipack 26.00 View Details
Elvis Presley: King In Motion Vol. 2 Wahooo From Omaha DVD/CD/BOOK Combo (Venus) 135.00 View Details
Elvis: The 8th Wonder Of The World CD (1974) Recorded Live at Houston Astrodome 45.95 View Details
Elvis The Definitive Elvis Vol.5 Many Loves Of Elvis/Intimate Loves Of Elvis DVD 15.95 View Details
Elvis Presley Rumble In The Jungle 5 CD Boxset The Jungle Room Sessions (NEW) 250.00 View Details
Elvis Presley: Elvis Never Ending Love (DVD) Star Release! 15.50 View Details
Elvis The Unreachable Star : 'As recorded at Madison Square Garden' DVD 17.95 View Details
Elvis Presley VIVA ELVIS + The Nation’s Favorite Elvis Songs (double feature) 17.00 View Details
Elvis Presley: In Motion: The Last Vegas DVD/Book Combo (Venus Release) 120.00 View Details
Elvis Presley: Live Spirits DVD (EXPANDED EDITION) 17.95 View Details
Elvis: Summer Festival Continues At Full Blast CD live in concert Digipack new! 129.00 View Details
Elvis Presley "Guitar Man Sessions 37 Outtakes" CD Digipack new & sealed RARE! 32.95 View Details
Elvis The Complete Candid & Home Movies Volume: 3 (DVD) The Seventies 17.95 View Details
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