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last updated -1/02/2017

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United States Ship Randolph CVA-15--RECOMMISSIONING, 1953/1954 CRUISE BOOKS 125.00 View Details
"The Graphic" Souvenir of the German Navy's Surrender Nov. 21, 1918, London 25.00 View Details
***Monro, His Expedition, and Observations--ORIGINAL WORK 1636 WITH NOTES*** 1250.00 View Details
35th Fighter Squadron-"BLACK PANTHERS" IN JAPAN AND KOREA-1950-1951-UNIT HISTORY 400.00 View Details
42nd Rainbow Infantry Division; A Combat History of World War II-UNIT HISTORY 400.00 View Details
A Soldier's Diary 1862-1865: The Story of a Volunteer by David Lane 50.00 View Details
A Youth's History of the Rebellion by William M. Thayer-All 4 Volumes-1889 85.00 View Details
All For France--Letters of a French Artillery Officer--WWI-1916 50.00 View Details
Andersonville: A Story of Rebel Military Prisons by John McElroy-1879 60.00 View Details
Argentinien-Retour by Barbara Kummer-Behrens--LIFE IN ARGENTINA AFTER WWII 30.00 View Details
Armies of the Napoleonic Era by Otto von Pivka (Digby Smith)-SIGNED BY AUTHOR 35.00 View Details
Basic Field Manual FM 23-60--BROWNING .50, HB, M2 GROUND 18.00 View Details
Die Franzosische Armee-2 Folios of Early French Military Uniforms-IN GERMAN-1900 150.00 View Details
Famous Latin American Leaders--Pan American Union-1940s 66.00 View Details
Field. Fort and Fleet by M. Quad--Battles of the Civil War--1885 200.00 View Details
Five Years, Five Countries, Five Campaigns With the 141st Infantry Regiment 60.00 View Details
Forward-March!: Photographic Record of World War I--Complete 2-Volume Set 175.00 View Details
Four Years A Scout and Spy: "General Bunker" by E.C. Downs-1866-VERY RARE 450.00 View Details
Freedom's Triumph: The Why, When and Where of the European Conflict-WORLD WAR I 19.99 View Details
German WWII Aeronautical Publications--AR 232 A-0 Handbook & Technical Manual 100.00 View Details
Hampstead at War 1939-1945, Borough of Hampstead, England 25.00 View Details
Hawaii At War! How America's Mid-Pacific Territory Met the Test--PEARL HARBOR 20.00 View Details
History of the Seventeenth Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteer Cavalry by H.P. Moyer 225.00 View Details
Into the Valley: Story of USAAF Troop Carrier In WWII by Col. Charles H. Young 75.00 View Details
Life of Pauline Cushman. The Celebrated Union Spy & Scout by F.L. Sarmiento-1865 65.00 View Details
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