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5 Volumes of Napoleonic History and Biography by Walter Geer--3 SIGNED VOLUMES 200.00 View Details
A Communication to My Friends by George Moore--Nonesuch Press Limited Edition 22.50 View Details
A Life of Charlotte Cushman by W.T. Price-1894 27.50 View Details
A Narrative of the Life of David Crockett of Tennessee-Written by Himself-1834 350.00 View Details
Admiral Bill Halsey: A Naval Life by Thomas Alexander Hughes-MINT 1ST ED., 2016 17.50 View Details
America's Successful Men of Affairs Ed. by Henry Hall-2 Vol, Set, Leather 350.00 View Details
An American Son by Marco Rubio-SIGNED COLLECTOR'S CASED EDITION 125.00 View Details
Beaux & Belles of England: Lord Chesterfield by W.Ernst-2 Vols-LEATHER-Ca 1900 275.00 View Details
Beaux and Belles of England-14 Vols.-Ca. 1900 -Half Leather 275.00 View Details
Boswell's Life of Johnson ed. by George Birkbeck Hill--6 Volumes-LEATHER 300.00 View Details
Christian Biography: Lives of Isaac Watts, Thomas Haliburton-Ed. by T. Jackson 49.99 View Details
Colonel E.D. Baker's Defense in the Battle of Ball's Bluff, Virginia, 1861 100.00 View Details
Complete Life of William McKinley & Story of His Assassination-Marshall Everett 30.00 View Details
Critical Review of the Political Life of Oliver Cromwell by John Banks, 1763 55.00 View Details
Dartmouth Class of 1939-Freshman Green Book & Twenty-Five Years Later 39.99 View Details
Days of the Dandies-15 Vol. Set.-Ca. 1900 -Half Leather 600.00 View Details
Elizabeth and Essex: A Tragic History by Lyttom Strachey -Leather 65.00 View Details
Franklin in France by E.E. Hale & E.E. Hale, Jr.-2 Vols-1888 79.99 View Details
Frederick the Great by Pierre Gaxotte-1942 15.00 View Details
French Court Memoirs-15 Volumes-Half Leather-1896 1000.00 View Details
George Washington by Worthington Chauncey Ford-2 Vol. Set-1900-Leather 150.00 View Details
Golden Boy by Paul Hornung-SIGNED FIRST EDITION 27.50 View Details
Golf is My Game by Robert Tyre. (Bobby) Jones-1960 10.00 View Details
Henry Martyn Boies: Appreciation of His Life and Character-PENNSYLVANIA HISTORY 65.00 View Details
His Excellency: George Washington by Joseph J. Ellis-SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR 35.00 View Details
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