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The Surprising Adventures of Baron Munchausen, Illus. by W. Strang & J.B. Clark 40.00 View Details
The Tail of the Sorry Sorrel Horse by Elizabeth Honness-1936 75.00 View Details
The Tale of Curly Tail by Laura Rountree Smith, Illus by Mae H. Scannell 25.00 View Details
The Teachings of the Holy Catholic Church by Rev. S.B. Smith-1886 85.00 View Details
The Thousand and One Nights: Arabian Nights Entertainments-1863-RARE 50.00 View Details
The Three Bears #302--Cloth Pages-1911 45.00 View Details
The Three Midshipmen by W.H.G. Kingston-ca 1895 60.00 View Details
The Thurber Carnival by James Thurber--Franklin Library Leatherbound 0.00 View Details
The Toilet in Ancient and Modern Times by Arnold J. Cooley-1873 40.00 View Details
The TOWER of 1938-Wheaton College Year Book 25.00 View Details
The TOWER of 1945-Wheaton College Year Book Vol. 24 25.00 View Details
The TOWER of 1946-Wheaton College Year Book Vol. 25 25.00 View Details
The Tower Treasure by Franklin W. Dixon--HARDY BOYS MYSTERY 0.00 View Details
The Town by William Faulkner-First Printing, DJ--LOVELY COPY!!! 600.00 View Details
The Toy Maker: How a Tree Became a Toy Village by Louise F. Encking-1941 24.99 View Details
The Treasury of Devotion: Manual of Prayer Ed. by T.T. Carter-1930 20.00 View Details
The Trouble with Cinderella: An Outline of Identity by Artie Shaw-SIGNED 1ST ED. 250.00 View Details
The Twenty Fourth Infantry Past and Present--ORIGINAL UNIT HISTORY-COLORED UNIT 750.00 View Details
The Two Americas: An Account of Sport and Travel by Major Sir Rose Lambart Price 200.00 View Details
The Unbelievable Game Country by Frederick S. Colburn-1927 1350.00 View Details
The Valley of Amazement by Amy Tan-SIGNED FIRST EDITION 20.00 View Details
The Van Gelder Papers & Other Sketches Ed. by J.T.I.-1887-HISTORY OF LONG ISLAND 100.00 View Details
The Vermont Directory 1866 by W.W. Atwater 25.00 View Details
The Veteran of the Grand Army by the Brothers Cobb-1871--CIVIL WAR NOVEL 50.00 View Details
The Vicar of Wakefield by Oliver Goldsmith-1855-Leather-Illus. by Mulready 27.50 View Details
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