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Under the Lilacs by Louisa May Alcott-DJ 25.00 View Details
United States Ship Yorktown CVS-10 On Station '66-CRUISE BOOK-VIETNAM ERA 140.00 View Details
Unser Bismarck von C.W. Allers & Hans Kraemer-circa 1900 75.00 View Details
Untrodden Fields of Anthropology: Customs of Semi-Civilized People-Dr. Jacobus X 85.00 View Details
V.R.I.: Her Life and Empire by the Marquis of Lorne, K.T.-1901--SPECTACULAR 75.00 View Details
Vacation Stories for Girls by Popular American Authors-1877 24.99 View Details
Varied Experiences of John Lydick & His Family: A Pioneer Story 1852-1928-KANSAS 75.00 View Details
Velasquez: "Les Demi-Dieux" by Leon-Paul Fargue-FRENCH 11.00 View Details
Very Early School Geography Book-Harpers School Geography-1877 37.50 View Details
VERY RARE EDITION OF HENRY JAMES WORKS-Hawthorne and A Bundle of Letters 300.00 View Details
VERY RARE VOLUME OF FABLES--Fables De Fenelon & Zelie--IN FRENCH-1820 200.00 View Details
Very Scarce Early Edition of THE FABLES OF AESOP, 1866--RARE 45.00 View Details
Vignetten: Umrahmungen, Dekorative Ornamente, Embleme Des 17th & 18th Centuries 125.00 View Details
Vintage Black Americana Sheet Music-Last Long Mile & Spread Yo' Stuff-Ca 1920 24.99 View Details
Vintage Children's Classics-Red Riding Hood, Three Bears, Night Before Xmas-RARE 125.00 View Details
Vita Dell' Invittissimo Imperadore Carlo V. Austriaco, II--Gregorio Leti-1700 150.00 View Details
Vital Records of Boothbay and Southport, Maine-MAINE GENEALOGICAL SOCIETY 150.00 View Details
Vital Records of Brunswick, Maine 1740-1860-MAINE GENEALOGICAL SOCIETY 72.50 View Details
Vital Records of Newcastle, Maine-MAINE GENEALOGICAL SOCIETY 150.00 View Details
Vivian Grey by Benjamin Disraeli-3 Vols.-Leather-1827 125.00 View Details
Volamekum: Handbuch fur Luftfahrer--Ansbert Vorreiter,Hans Boykow-IN GERMAN-1912 225.00 View Details
Voltaire: Candide and Zadig--Franklin Library Leatherbound 0.00 View Details
W. Somerset Maugham: Selected Stories--Franklin Library Leatherbound 0.00 View Details
Wald-, Baum- und Vordergrund-Studien: Early Nature Photographs by Martin Gerlach 125.00 View Details
Walks in Rome by Augustus J.C. Hare-2 Vols.-Circa 1909 60.00 View Details
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