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La Chartreuse De Parme by Henry Beyle (De Stendhal)-3 volumes-1895-VERY SCARCE 450.00 View Details
La Joie De Lire by H. Filloux, Illus. by Rene Bresson--Circa 1950s 20.00 View Details
La Morte D.Arthur: The History of King Arthur Abridged by Edward Conybeare-1868 475.00 View Details
La Religion Chretienne--1826--IN FRENCH 99.99 View Details
La Suisse En Miniature--Circa 1830 149.99 View Details
La Vie Privee De Michel Teissier by Edouard Rod-Leather--1896 25.00 View Details
Lady Chatterley's Lover by D.H. Lawrence--Odyssey Press,Paris-1934-RARE, BANNED! 15.00 View Details
Lady Geraldine's Courtship by Elizabeth Barrett Browning-Illus. Edition-1885 40.00 View Details
Lalla Rookh by Thomas Moore-UNIQUE SUEDE BINDING-Circa 1900 20.00 View Details
Lalla Rookh: An Oriental Romance by Thomas Moore-1888 30.00 View Details
Le Bi-Centenaire De Baccarat 1764-1946--200th Anniversary of Baccarat Crystal 20.00 View Details
Le Bon Jardinier 1851--FRENCH ALMANAC FOR 1851 99.99 View Details
Le Calendrier De La Cour Pour L'An 1812--ALAMANAC OF THE FRENCH COURT 75.00 View Details
Le Jardin Parfume Du Cheikh Nefzaoui: Manuel d'Erotologie Arabe-LIMITED EDITION 35.00 View Details
Le Livre de L'Art et la Beauté: Portraits par les Grandes Maitres de Paris-1906 300.00 View Details
Le Morte D'Arthur by Sir Thomas Malory-2 Vols.-EASTON PRESS LEATHERBOUND 200.00 View Details
Le Nouveau Testament En Francois-Tome Cinqieme-1736-FRENCH NEW TESTAMENT 40.00 View Details
Le Petit Chaperon Rouge--LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD IN FRENCH-ILLUS. Circa 1950 60.00 View Details
Learjet Aero/Space Product Applications Folio--circa 1960s? 75.00 View Details
Leaves From the Diary of an Old Lawyer: Intemperance by A.B. Richmond-1880 50.00 View Details
Lectures on the History of the Eastern Church by Arthur P. Stanley-1862, LEATHER 100.00 View Details
Legum Flosculim Nunc Demum Suae Integritati-1537-VELLUM 1000.00 View Details
Leica Handbuch by Fritz Vith-1935 65.00 View Details
LES ARTS-Review of Museums, Collections, Expositions-IN FRENCH-LEATHER-1902 125.00 View Details
LES ARTS-Review of Museums, Collections, Expositions-IN FRENCH-LEATHER-1903 125.00 View Details
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