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Sixth Army Unit History & Occupational Headquarters Public Relations Folio-1945 85.00 View Details
Sketch Book of Geoffrey Crayon Gent. by Washington Irving--ARTIST'S EDITION-1864 75.00 View Details
Sketches From Venetian History---2-Volumes---1831 20.00 View Details
Smokey Bear Easy Press Out Book-Children's Activity Book--1970 15.00 View Details
Soldier Songs and Love Songs by A.H. Laidlaw-1898-VERSES DEDICATED TO SOLDIERS 175.00 View Details
Solid Silver in the Modern American Home-Home Decoration Using Silver-1923 24.99 View Details
Songs in Many Keys by Oliver Wendell Holmes-1862, 1st Edition 17.50 View Details
Sonnets and Poems by "A"--?????????????????? 20.00 View Details
Souvenir Views of Northern Ireland-Circa 1920s. 25.00 View Details
Special Kinesiology of Educational Gymnastics by Nils Posse-1894-RARE 55.00 View Details
Specimens of the Early English Poets Ed. by George Ellis-1790 60.00 View Details
Specimens of the Poets and Poetry of Greece and Rome-Ed. by William Peter-1847 20.00 View Details
Spice Wood by Lizette Woodworth Reese-1920 40.00 View Details
Springfield, Illinois-VINTAGE SOUVENIR PHOTO BOOK-1907 50.00 View Details
Square and Compasses Or Building the House by Oliver Optic-1885 10.00 View Details
Stanley in Africa: Discoveries of the Great African Explorer by J.P. Boyd-1889 55.00 View Details
Star Spangled Banter By Sgt. Bill Mauldin-1944-SCARCE ARMY TIMES PUBLICATION 75.00 View Details
Steps to the Altar: A Manual of Devotions by W.E. Scudamore-1887 17.50 View Details
Stories by Juliana Horatia Ewing, Illus. by Edna Cooke-1935 40.00 View Details
Stories for Boys and Girls--Victorian Era Children's Book, Circa 1880s. 19.99 View Details
Stories From the Arabian Nights, Illustrated by Frances Brundage-1933--DJ 60.00 View Details
Stuart Little by E.B. White--First Edition, First State Dust Cover--LOVELY COPY! 375.00 View Details
Success and Its Achievers by William Thayer--1893 50.00 View Details
Sunbeams: An Illustrated Monthly For the Little Folks-June, 1896 22.50 View Details
Sunlight and Shadow Or, Gleanings From My Life Work by John B. Gough-1881 17.50 View Details
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