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The Story of Five Dogs by Walter E. Carr-1917--VERY SCARCE 75.00 View Details
The Story of Man: A History of the Human Race by J.W. Buel-1889-Fabulous Illus!! 125.00 View Details
The Sum of All Fears by Tom Clancy.-SIGNED BY TOM CLANCY, FIRST EDITION IN DJ 75.00 View Details
The Sundial Ticking by Theodore Plotkin, Illus & Signed by Edna Hibel 350.00 View Details
The Sunny-Sulky Book by Sarah Cory Rippey-1934 30.00 View Details
The Tail of the Sorry Sorrel Horse by Elizabeth Honness-1936 75.00 View Details
The Tale of Curly Tail by Laura Rountree Smith, Illus by Mae H. Scannell 25.00 View Details
The Talisman for 1951--Tifton High School Yearbook, Tifton, Georgia 25.00 View Details
The Teachings of the Holy Catholic Church by Rev. S.B. Smith-1886 85.00 View Details
The Three Bears #302--Cloth Pages-1911 45.00 View Details
The Three Midshipmen by W.H.G. Kingston-ca 1895 60.00 View Details
The TOWER of 1938-Wheaton College Year Book 25.00 View Details
The TOWER of 1945-Wheaton College Year Book Vol. 24 25.00 View Details
The TOWER of 1946-Wheaton College Year Book Vol. 25 25.00 View Details
The Tower Treasure by Franklin W. Dixon--HARDY BOYS MYSTERY 0.00 View Details
The Town by William Faulkner-First Printing, DJ--LOVELY COPY!!! 600.00 View Details
The Toy Maker: How a Tree Became a Toy Village by Louise F. Encking-1941 24.99 View Details
The Travels of General Grant by J.T. Headley--1881 25.00 View Details
The Trouble with Cinderella: An Outline of Identity by Artie Shaw-SIGNED 1ST ED. 250.00 View Details
The Twenty Fourth Infantry Past and Present--ORIGINAL UNIT HISTORY-COLORED UNIT 750.00 View Details
The Two Americas: An Account of Sport and Travel by Major Sir Rose Lambart Price 200.00 View Details
The Unbelievable Game Country by Frederick S. Colburn-1927 1350.00 View Details
The Valley of Amazement by Amy Tan-SIGNED FIRST EDITION 20.00 View Details
The Van Gelder Papers & Other Sketches Ed. by J.T.I.-1887-HISTORY OF LONG ISLAND 100.00 View Details
The Veteran of the Grand Army by the Brothers Cobb-1871--CIVIL WAR NOVEL 50.00 View Details
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