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Stories for Boys and Girls--Victorian Era Children's Book, Circa 1880s. 19.99 View Details
Complete BASEBALL JOE Series by Lester Chadwick-14 Volumes, Original Editions 175.00 View Details
The House on the Cliff by Franklin W. Dixon--HARDY BOYS MYSTERY 0.00 View Details
Excellent Little Golden Book-1948 "A" Edition-WALT DISNEY'S BAMBI 40.00 View Details
Mother Goose Illustrated by Kate Greenaway--Circa 1918 99.99 View Details
Mother Goose Rhymes--Frances Brundage, Illus., Circa 1920 15.00 View Details
Mother Goose Melodies, Bonnibel Butler Illus., 1918 15.00 View Details
Simple Simon and Other Mother Goose Rhymes-1932 12.99 View Details
Washable Cloth Children's Book-1947 19.99 View Details
Der Seezwerg von Robert Boutet-GERMAN CHILDREN'S BOOK 19.99 View Details
Mother West Wind "Where" Stories by Thornton Burgess 24.99 View Details
Puss in Boots, Illus. by Julian Wehr-1944-MOVABLE ANIMATION-SPECTACULAR-RARE 100.00 View Details
Vacation Stories for Girls by Popular American Authors-1877 24.99 View Details
Memoirs of a London Doll-Ed. by Mrs. Fairstar--VERY SCARCE 99.99 View Details
Complete BASEBALL JOE Series by Lester Chadwick-14 Volumes, Original Editions 175.00 View Details
The Phantom Freighter by Franklin W. Dixon--HARDY BOYS MYSTERY 12.00 View Details
Pinocchio: The Story of a Puppet by C. Collodi, Illus. by Maria Kirk-1920 33.50 View Details
Mrs. Peter Rabbit by Thornton Burgess-SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR 300.00 View Details
Heroes of the United States Navy by Hartwell James--Henry Altemus Pub., 1899 25.00 View Details
Little Stories in Little Words by Josephine Pollard-1911 35.00 View Details
The Story About Ping by Marjorie Flack, Illus by Kurt Wiese-First Edition!!! 175.00 View Details
Amanda by Wolo---SIGNED WITH ORIGINAL DRAWING BY AUTHOR 250.00 View Details
Baby Lays: A First Book for the Little Ones-VICTORIAN ERA CHILDREN'S BOOK-1890 39.99 View Details
Little Miss Conceit by Ellinor D. Adams-1899--VERY SCARCE 35.00 View Details
The Toy Maker: How a Tree Became a Toy Village by Louise F. Encking-1941 24.99 View Details
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