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Preserving American History One Ad At A Time.

Train/Railroad Ads: 81 item(s) found.
New York central, Pennsylvania, Canadian Pacific, Western Pacific, Santa Fe, Milwaukee Road

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1903 Rock Island States of America Railroad Route Map Indian Territory Train Ad 12.49 View Details
1903 Rock Island System Railroad Route Map Indian Territory Antique Train Ad 9.99 View Details
1928 Canadian National Railway RR Ad Mount Robson Highest In Rockies Horse Rider 10.99 View Details
1929 Union Pacific Railroad Grand Teton National Park Yellowstone Train Ad 14.99 View Details
1939 Union Pacific Railroad Joel McCrea Movie Scenes Promo Train Streamliners Ad 12.49 View Details
1943 Boston & Maine Railroad WWII B&M Train~Four Soldiers Vintage print Ad 12.49 View Details
1944 Association of American Railroads Rail Yard Art ad MMXV 12.49 View Details
1944 New York Central Train System Housekeeping art NYCRR Railroad Ad 12.49 View Details
1945 Northern Pacific Railroad/railway Fact or Fiction Mt Hood Sculptures Ad 12.49 View Details
1946 American Railroads Locomotive Train Station art ad : Vintage Advertising 12.49 View Details
1946 Cine-Kodak Movie Camera Film Snow Skiing Photo Ad MMXV 12.49 View Details
1946 New York Central Railroad Water Level Route N.Y.C.R.R. Ad MMXV 12.49 View Details
1947 American Railroads Washington DC~Alexander Insurance Real Estate Ad MMXV 12.49 View Details
1947 American Railroads Washington DC~Dollar~Engineer~Investors~Taxes Photo Ad 12.49 View Details
1947 Canadian Pacific Railroad Banff Lake Louise Quebec White Empress Ship Ad 12.49 View Details
1947 Northern Pacific Railroad Freight Diesels NP 6015~Dude Ranch Photo Ad 12.49 View Details
1948 Budd Company Sleeper Coach Women's lounge Tavern observation Train car ad 9.99 View Details
1948 Pullman Railroad Passenger lounge Car conductor 1940s train travel photo ad 9.99 View Details
1948 Santa Fe Railroad Carlsbad Caverns Guadalupe New Mexico train travel ad 9.99 View Details
1948 Santa Fe Railroad train Desert full moon Horse Riding Oscar Bryn art ad 12.49 View Details
1948 Union Pacific Railroad Streamliner City of Los Angeles Smooth as Silk ad 9.99 View Details
1949 General Motors Diesel Locomotive Train ElectroMotive Sleeping Car MO Pac Ad 12.49 View Details
1949 Union Pacific Railroad Travel Certificate Train Ad : Vintage Advertising 12.49 View Details
1950 Santa Fe Railroad~Ride Great Trains Through a Great Country~Southwest Ad 9.99 View Details
1951 Boston & Maine-B&M Railroad/Train-From Toys to Turbines Ad 12.49 View Details
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