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Preserving American History One Ad At A Time.

Household Ads: 203 item(s) found.
Tide, Duz, General Electric, GE, Appliance, Flooring, Ivory soap, bathroom décor, kitchen decor

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1903 Congress United States Playing CARDS Decks Set Toboggan Kite Time Ad 12.49 View Details
1909 1900 Motor Washer Binghamton NY Electric Wringer Gas Powered Print Ad 11.99 View Details
1909 Acme White Lead and Color Works Detroit MI house paint painting print ad 12.99 View Details
1909 Barber Asphalt Paving Adm Sperry Auckland NZ Genasco Ready Roofing Print Ad 10.99 View Details
1909 Bissell Sewing Machine Motor Toledo Ohio Elias Howe antique print ad 11.99 View Details
1909 Derby Roll Top Desk Massachusetts antique office furniture magazine ad 11.99 View Details
1909 Macbeth Pittsburgh PA Lamp Chimney Woman Reading Vintage Print Ad 10.99 View Details
1909 Onoto Safety Self Filling Vacuum Fountain Pen vintage magazine print ad 11.99 View Details
1909 Stearns and Foster Co Cincinnati Ohio antique matress bedroom wall decor ad 11.99 View Details
1909 Stearns and Foster Co Cincinnati Ohio mattres Thomas Mitchell Peirce art ad 10.99 View Details
1909 White Enamel Refrigerator Co St Paul MN antique kitchen wall decor print ad 10.99 View Details
1911 Berry Brothers Varnishes Detroit MI Shellacs Japans Lacquers stains ad 9.99 View Details
1913 Hamilton Coupons Rich Furnishings For Your Home Free Collector Print Ad 12.99 View Details
1914 Old Dutch Cleaner DIRT Hasn’t a Ghost Of A Chance Vintage Kitchen Décor Ad 12.49 View Details
1914 Supplee Biddle Hardware Ad Pennsylvania Lawn Mower Vintage Advertising 12.49 View Details
1914 Whitman & Barnes Push Lawn Mower Ad Akron OH W&B Vintage Advertising 12.49 View Details
1915 Oneida Community Silver Patrician Plate Deluxe Pattern Spoon Print Ad 12.49 View Details
1915 Way Sagless Spring Co Minneapolis MN Bed Mattress Sleep on Your Side Ad 12.49 View Details
1916 National Mazda Lamps Light Bulb Nela Park Cleveland OH General Electric Ad 12.49 View Details
1916 Wallace Smith Co LaPorte/La Porte IN Motor Weave Automobile Robe Antique Ad 12.49 View Details
1918 Armstrong Linoleum Lancaster PA Entrance Hall Frank Alvah Parsons quote Ad 12.49 View Details
1918 Dupont Ivory Pyralin Christmas Gifts Toilet Set Brush Mirror Arlington Ad 12.99 View Details
1918 George W Blabon Company Art Linoleums Philadelphia PA New floors for old Ad 12.49 View Details
1918 Ivory Soap P&G Black African American Maid Woman Hat Fur Coat Print Ad 4.99 View Details
1918 Ivory Soap P&G Ivorydale Ohio Port Ivory NY Bath Bathroom Laundry Decor Ad 12.49 View Details
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