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last updated -1/02/2017

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Preserving American History One Ad At A Time.

Gas/Oil Ads: 34 item(s) found.
Mobil, Texaco, Sinclair, Sunoco, gasoline, motor oil, service station

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1925 Electric AutoLite Auto Parts Toledo OH Paul Proehl Art Nash Ajax Six Ad 9.99 View Details
1926 Rusco Brake Lining Russell Mfg. Middletown CT Automotive W.J.Enright Art Ad 12.49 View Details
1929 Gargoyle Mobiloil Vacuum Oil No Guesswork Here QUALITY Art Deco Ad 12.99 View Details
1929 Pennzoil Oil City PA 3 Non Stop Flights Across America Airplane Car Art Ad 9.99 View Details
1929 Quaker State Motor Oil City PA US Map Cold Test Medium Safety Factor Ad 12.99 View Details
1929 Texaco Gasoline Globe Pump Attendant Woman Driver Art Texas Company Ad 12.99 View Details
1943 WWII German Half-Track~Fighter Plane World War 2 Ad : Vintage MMXV 12.49 View Details
1945 Philadelphia Whisky~1749 Fairmount Park PA Whiskey ad : Vintage Advertising 9.99 View Details
1948 Esso Standard Oil Oceanside Long Island NY Nason Clark Gasoline Line Ad 9.99 View Details
1948 Ethyl Gas beach art Blue Fiddler Hermit Crab Starfish Sea Urchin Lobster ad 9.99 View Details
1948 Ethyl Gas pump fishing Muskie Pike Largemouth Bass Lake Brook Trout art ad 9.99 View Details
1948 Ethyl Gas Tiger Swallowtail Monarch Zebra White Admiral Butterfly art ad 9.99 View Details
1953 ESSO Standard Oil Company Orville Wright Plane/Airplane Kitty Hawk Ad 12.49 View Details
1953 Ethyl Gas 1912 Pope Hartford~'02 Marmon~Simplex Ad 9.99 View Details
1955 ESSO Gas Gasoline Vintage 50's Service Station Standard Oil Photo Ad 9.99 View Details
1955 Mt Rainer National Park Washington Sinclair Oil Vintage 50s Photo Ad MMXV 9.99 View Details
1956 Esso Research Works Wonders with Oil Lipstick Match Sticks Vintage 50s Ad 9.99 View Details
1957 Be Happy in Wisconsin Norman Rockwell Art Gas Ad 9.99 View Details
1957 Cities Service Duryea Brothers 1895 Auto Race ad MMXV 9.99 View Details
1957 Cities Service Oil Tanker Photo Freedom 1950's ad MMXV 9.99 View Details
1957 Jet Fighter Texaco Lubricant Gas 50's Military Ad MMXV 12.49 View Details
1957 Sinclair Aircraft Oil Dodge Truck Airport Photo Ad MMXV 9.99 View Details
1957 Sinclair Venezuela Pipe Line Welder Oil Field Ad Vintage Advertising 9.99 View Details
1957 Tennessee Gas Oil Transmission TGT Houston TX Ad 9.99 View Details
1959 Columbus Armillary Sphere Compass Dean Ellis art Tennessee Gas TGT ad 9.99 View Details
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