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Preserving American History One Ad At A Time.

Playing Cards/Toy/Game Ads: 29 item(s) found.

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1903 Irving Wizard Top Sectional View Scientific Wonder Antique Toy Print Ad 9.99 View Details
1913 Meccano Erector Toy Bridges Embossing Co Albany NY Vintage Magazine Ad 9.99 View Details
1918 Horsie TODDLER TOYS Richards Scott Co New York City NY WWI Sammy Junior Ad 9.99 View Details
1919 Buster-Bike Kids/Childrens Antique Wood Pedal Tricycle/Riding Toy Ad 9.99 View Details
1919 Federal Toy Cap Gun Cast Iron Pistol-Safe & Sane Amusement-Homestead PA Ad 9.99 View Details
1919 Horsie TODDLER TOYS Richards-Scott Co New York City NY Vintage Toy Ad 12.49 View Details
1922 Ronson Repeater Sparking Toy He Gun Boys Only Art Metal Works Newark NJ Ad 12.99 View Details
1923 Ranger Repeating Toy Cap Gun Bronco Billy Edwards Cincinnatti OH Ad 9.99 View Details
1923 Ranger Repeating Toy Cap Gun Pirates Bold Edwards Cincinnatti OH Ad 9.99 View Details
1924 Art Metal Works Newark NJ-Archie the Karnival Kid-1920s Childrens Toy Ad 12.49 View Details
1924 Lionel Electric Model Railroad/Train-Standard Limited 403-Crossing Gate Ad 9.99 View Details
1924 Meccano Co Elizabeth NY Erector Set Steel Construction Toy Set Vintage Ad 9.99 View Details
1929 Montgomery Ward Christmas Gifts/Toys Bikes-Dolls-Baby Walker Watches Ad 9.99 View Details
1939 Abercrombie & Fitch Sporting Goods Store A&F Christmas Gifts~Dog Whistle Ad 12.49 View Details
1939 Bloomingdale's 30s Christmas Gifts~Chickie Slippers~Toy Truck~Cloth Bag Ad 9.99 View Details
1942 FAO Schwarz Unusual Toys~Parachute Jumpers~Hobby Lumber Yard New York NY Ad 12.49 View Details
1945 Parker Bros Monopoly Camelot Dig Make A Million Card Game Magazine Print Ad 9.99 View Details
1946 Skimmer-Racer/Doll F.A.O. Schwarz New York Toy ad 12.49 View Details
1948 US Playing Card Co Cincinnati OH Photo Vintage Magazine Print Ad 12.49 View Details
1950 Doepke Model Toys Road Grader Rossmoyne OH Ohio Dear Santa Jimmy Ad 9.99 View Details
1950 Louis Marx Toy Fire Steel Truck Car Army Tank Jet Plane Semi-Truck Ad 9.99 View Details
1951 Congress Playing Cards Cel-U-Tone Finish 50's ad Vintage Advertising MMXV 12.49 View Details
1951 Doepke Mfg Rossmoyne OH Model Toy Heiliner Scraper Tractor Christmas Boy Ad 9.99 View Details
1954 Lionel Magne Traction Electric Toy Train Crane Switch Tower Magazine Ad 9.99 View Details
1957 Dinky Die Cast Metal Toys Vintage 50's Print Ad 9.99 View Details
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