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Preserving American History One Ad At A Time.

Sports/Sporting Goods Ads: 31 item(s) found.

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1909 Reach First Basemens Mitt Laced Thumb Chance Davis Tenney Ganzel Lajoie Ad 11.99 View Details
1909 Reading Standard Co PA Largest Bicycle & Motorcycle Manufacturer In US Ad 11.99 View Details
1923 Bristol Steel Golf Shaft Horton Mfg Bristol CT Vintage Golfing Golfer Ad 4.99 View Details
1925 A.J. Reach Baseball Fielders Glove-American League Ball-Philadelphia PA Ad 4.99 View Details
1928 American Gas Mach Albert Lea MN Kampkook Ad Camp Stove Lantern Family Art 12.99 View Details
1928 Burke Golf Clubs Bags Balls Ad Woods Irons Photo Shooting For the Pin 12.49 View Details
1928 Colonial Mfg Co Zeeland MI Grandfather Clock Ad Solid Mahogany Gift Supreme 12.99 View Details
1928 MacGregor Golf Clubs Dayton OH Antique Woods Irons Sentiment Handicap ad 11.99 View Details
1928 Pflueger Fishing Tackle Ad Enterprise Mfg Akron OH Open Face Reel THRILL 12.49 View Details
1928 US Royal Golf Ball Ad Mystery Of The Missed Putt Knickers Argyle Man Player 4.99 View Details
1928 US Royal Golf Ball Ad This Xray Showed Me Negative Of Difference Player Art 4.99 View Details
1928 US Royal Golf Ball X-Ray Photograph Pill Core How Round is Round print ad 11.99 View Details
1928 Wright & Ditson Tennis Racket Ad Gold Star Davis Cup Models A.J. Reach 12.99 View Details
1929 US Royal Golf Balls United States Rubber Co Science builds a better Ad 12.49 View Details
1947 Pennsylvania Rubber Co. Jeannette PA Football Basketball Volleyball Ball Ad 12.49 View Details
1948 Hillerich & Bradsby Grand Slam Golf Clubs woods irons Louisville KY Ad 11.99 View Details
1948 True Temper Golf Club Shaft American Fork and Hoe Co Cleveland Ohio ad 12.99 View Details
1949 Abercrombie & Fitch Picnic-Vagabond Kit-Table-Thermal Dispensit 1940s Ad 12.99 View Details
1961 Dorado Beach Golf Course Top golfers tee off in Puerto Rico PR Golfing Ad 12.49 View Details
1963 New York Yankees Locker Room Photo Allied Chemical Carpet NY Baseball Ad 12.49 View Details
1963 Professional Golfer Dr Cary Middlecroft Fortel Polyester Pants Golf Ad 12.49 View Details
1965 AMF Bowling makes you feel like you'd like you American Machine Foundry ad 12.49 View Details
1968 Football Coaches Never Lose Wilson Sporting Goods River Grove Illinois Ad 12.49 View Details
1969 Swingers Wilson Sporting Goods River Grove IL Staff golf clubs photo ad 12.49 View Details
1970 Sagittarius Lady Luck Golf Ball Wilson Sporting Goods River Grove IL Ad 12.49 View Details
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