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Preserving American History One Ad At A Time.

Automobilia/Automotive Ads: 32 item(s) found.

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1909 Warner Instrument Co Beloit WI Auto-Meter Speed Indicator antique print ad 9.99 View Details
1919 Aluminum Casting Co Lynite Car Truck Parts Fairfield CT Buffalo-Detroit Ad 9.99 View Details
1919 McQuay Norris Mfg Co St Louis Missouri Car Automobile Piston Rings Ad 9.99 View Details
1922 Rex Manufacturing Co. Connersville Indiana IN Open Motor Car Tops Print Ad 9.99 View Details
1923 Timken Detroit Axle Company Michigan Jimmie He's going to buy a new car ad 12.49 View Details
1924 Alemite Gascolator Gas Fuel Filter Bassick Mfg Chicago IL Automotive Car Ad 9.99 View Details
1924 Nash Four Door Coupe Closed Motor Car Delco Ignition Dayton Ohio Vintage Ad 9.99 View Details
1924 Wilson Body Co Detroit MI Bay City Michigan Louis XIV Coach R H Collins Ad 9.99 View Details
1925 Champion Spark Plug Company Toledo OH X for Ford Cars Blue Box Print Ad 12.49 View Details
1925 Ford Model T Runabout Philco Car Automobile Battery Philadelphia PA Ad 9.99 View Details
1925 Phinney-Walker Co. New York City NY-12 Day Automobile Clock-The Detroit Ad 9.99 View Details
1927 Body by Fisher General Motors GM Vintage Car Beauty Mosby Art Ad 12.49 View Details
1929 Alemite Chicago Belleville ON Vintage Auto Motor Car Chassis Lubrication Ad 12.49 View Details
1929 Blackhawk Mfg Milwaukee WI Hydraulic Car Jack Tools Sockey Set Wrench Ad 9.99 View Details
1944 Auto Lite Spark Plugs Toledo Ohio WWII Cartoon Autolite Ad 12.49 View Details
1945 Grease Monkeys Car Auto Mechanics Art Carborundum Vintage Print Ad 9.99 View Details
1945 Paul Jones Whiskey~Cowboy~Western~Saddle~Boots Vintage Magazine Print Ad 9.99 View Details
1945 Ship Water Fog Fire Extinguisher INCO Vintage Magazine Print Ad 12.49 View Details
1952 Bower Bearings earth mover Pan Detroit Michigan GREAT art Ad 9.99 View Details
1952 Champion Spark Plugs Indy 500 Race Car racing ad : Vintage Advertising 9.99 View Details
1953 Champion Spark Plugs Les Viland print ad 9.99 View Details
1953 E-Z-Eye Safety Plate Glass Memorial Bridge Washington DC Libbey Owens Ad 9.99 View Details
1953 San Jacinto Mountains CA Libbey Owens Glass Ad MMXV 12.49 View Details
1953 Vanderbilt Cup Old 16 Champion Spark Plugs ad 12.49 View Details
1954 Polo Player Chatting with Blonde in Convertible Kelsey Hayes Wheel Co Ad 9.99 View Details
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