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Preserving American History One Ad At A Time.

We offer a huge collection of collectible, decorative original magazine print advertising. Choose from thousands of old advertisements for unique home decorating ideas to enhance the theme of any room. Cool, one of a kind gift idea.

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1913 Everwear Hosiery Milwaukee WI Stockings Socks Christmas Gift Solution Ad

1964 Amphenol Borg Microelectronics Put All These Into a Space This Big Print Ad

1940 blue Lincoln Zephyr sedan Classic Vintage Car ad MMXV

1963 Magee Hale Park O Meter Parking Meter St George Municipal Field NY Photo Ad

1949 Bergman~New Yorker cartoon~Charles Addams art

1961 Western Electric Bell Telephone Rotary Dial Topographic US America ART Ad

1916 American Telephone Telegraph AT&T Bell System Operator Lineman Installer Ad

1918 A.J. Bates Co Webster Massachusetts Men's Van Dyke Oxford Shoe fashion Ad

1965 Moline Chains New Link to Longer Life MS720-S Pintle print Ad

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