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last updated 07/28/2014

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Preserving American history one ad at a time.

We offer a huge selection of collectable and decorative original magazine print advertisements. Choose from thousands of vintage wall decor ideas to enhance your home, bath, laundry room, bar, garage or hobby room.

Sorry! This item is currently unavailable. If you would like more information about this item, please contact us.

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1952 Buick Roadmaster Sedan-Call Out The Reserves with Touch of Your Toe-Car Ad

1940 red Packard Super-8 160 Touring Sedan Car Art Ad

RCA Ultra-High Vacuum UHV Molecules Electron Tube Division Harrison NJ 1960 Ad

1941 LINCOLN ZEPHYR V-12 SEDAN Classic Car AD 1940s Advertising

1971 Browning Superposed Shotgun Quail Hunting ad

1948 Swimsuit B Altman Department Store New York Jane Troxell Fashion Photo Ad

General Electric Space Sciences Laboratory Dr Victor Szebehely Photo 1960 GE Ad

1949 Hadley Cashmere-Peck 1940s Womens Style-Horse Racing/Track Ad

1962 Otis Elevator Autotronic Penthouse Elevatoring Automation Original Print Ad

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