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last updated 07/29/2014

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Preserving American history one ad at a time.

We offer a huge selection of collectable and decorative original magazine print advertisements. Choose from thousands of vintage wall decor ideas to enhance your home, bath, laundry room, bar, garage or hobby room.

Sorry! This item is currently unavailable. If you would like more information about this item, please contact us.

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1942 Get In Stride.....Step Along With Johnnie Walker Red label Scotch Whisky Ad

1959 Arthur Getz Art Painter's Palette Canvas 10/17/59 New Yorker Vintager Cover

1959 House of Lords Gin London Vintage Martini Cocktail 50s Photo Ad

1947 Hartmann Co. Racine WI Vintage Wardrobe Trunk~Packing For School Luggage Ad

1960 Chance Vought C-Band Radar Aircraft Beacon Ad

1903 Rambler Tonneau Touring Motor Car Thomas B. Jeffery Co. Kenosha WI Ad

1918 WWI US Army Officer Uniform Camps Kahn Tailoring Co Indianapolis IN Ad

1955 Kayser Nightie Tricot Nightgown Lingerie Sexy 50s Fashion Retro Photo Ad


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