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last updated 07/29/2014

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Preserving American history one ad at a time.

We offer a huge selection of collectable and decorative original magazine print advertisements. Choose from thousands of vintage wall decor ideas to enhance your home, bath, laundry room, bar, garage or hobby room.

Sorry! This item is currently unavailable. If you would like more information about this item, please contact us.

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1947 Blue Dodge Sedan~Mother of Invention~Drinking Fountain Vintage Car Art Ad

1926 American Thermos Bottle Co New York City NY Lip Jug Vintage Motor Kit Ad

1969 REMINGTON AD 540X RIFLE W/ CREEDMOOR : Vintage Advertising

1952 Stogerol Gun Oil Hunting Rifle great art Ad

1952 Dodge Coronet Diplomat classic 50's car print ad : Vintage Advertising

1984 Renault Alliance 2~4 dr Vintage 80's Car Photo Ad

1914 Penslar Buttermilk Cerate Sylvodora Perfume Bottle Drug Store Décor Ad

1939 Martell Cognac Brandy France~Vintage 1930s Bar Decor Photo Print Ad

1925 Parker Pen Co Janesville Wisconsin-WI Duofold Red & Black Fountain Pen Ad

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