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last updated 08/25/2015

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NordicGuyUSA - American made maintenance & repair parts for your American made NordicTrack® skier
Our mission is to help you keep your USA made NordicTrack® skier running its best.



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NordicGuyUSA specializes in repair and maintenance of original USA made NordicTrack
® skiers.  We carry a full line of new, American made maintenance and repair parts to help you keep your USA made skier running its best.  We also sell brand new NordicTrack® Classic Pro skiers and 100% restored original NordicTrack® skiers.  Our factory trained NordicTrack® technician has been repairing NordicTrack® skiers since 1983 and will available after the sale to answer any of your NordicTrack® skier questions.

NordicTrack® is a registered trademark of ICON Health and Fitness.

If you own an American made NordicTrack® skier* you own one of the highest quality exercise machines ever made: when Ed Pauls, the designer and founder of NordicTrack®, started selling the NordicTrack® skier, his goal was to build and sell an exercise machine that, with proper care and a few new maintenance parts, your skier would last you a lifetime.

*All skiers made before 1999 are 100% American made

 American Made Parts for you American Made Skier

This is a BRAND NEW NordicTrack® leg resistance spring made for the NordicTrack® Pro, Pro II, Adventurer, Classic Pro, Excel, Easy Ski, Sequoia, Classic Sequoia, Sport, NordicSport, NordicSport 450, Challenger and the All American ski machine models. This spring is designed to provide the correct tension to your NordicTrack® skier leg resistance strap and is the correct match for all American made (pre-1999) NordicTrack® skiers listed above.  This spring is also compatible with the Pro Classic Skier made in China by ICON  Fitness.  

Replacing your worn leg resistance strap will help your NordicTrack® skier operate smoother and quieter.  If you need both the strap and spring, I sell a strap and spring combination in my on-line store for a discounted price (

If you have a NordicTrack® Achiever, Medalist or an Elite ski machine and need a new resistance strap and/or spring, please visit my on-line store.


Shipping will be $2.00 to anywhere in the US by USPS Parcel Post shipping or $4.95 using USPS Priority shipping.   

Click on the logo below to see my Q & A section for answers to the most common NordicTrack® skier maintenance and repair questions.

NordicTrack® is a registered trademark of ICON Health and Fitness. ICON is the company that purchased NordicTrack® after the original company went bankrupt in late 1998. ICON currently sells the NordicTrack® Classic Pro skier made in China. We are not affiliated with ICON Health and Fitness in any way.  

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