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last updated 00/03/2017

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"" of "Ny6designs Inc." online wholesale Jewelry beads -- wholesale to public in jewelry beads, coral beads, Pearl beads, Turquoise beads and more..

welcome to wholesale jewelry beads eZcatalog

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12x12mm Blue Crystal Faceted Coin Beads 15"(CR347)b

10x10mm Dark Green Natural Jade Round Beads 15" (JA257)a

18x15x2mm Gold Plated 2-sided oval rosary Connector 12pcs (KFD36)a

TOHO Seed Bead Round 11/0 Opaque-Lustered Dandelion (11-128/c)

TOHO Seed Bead Round 8/0 Inside-Color Crystal/Metallic Teal Lined!(08-270F/c)

16x15x3mm Silver Pewter Hangbag Finding 8pcs (HP08)a ~ Lead-Free ~

5x2mm Gold Color Faceted Tube Brass Beads 24" (HFD98)a

5x10mm Blue Turquoise Rondelle Beads 15"(TU74)b

14mm Burgundy Agate Facet Round Beads 15" (AG282)d

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