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last updated 08/21/2014

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"" of "Ny6designs Inc." online wholesale Jewelry beads -- wholesale to public in jewelry beads, coral beads, Pearl beads, Turquoise beads and more..

welcome to wholesale jewelry beads eZcatalog

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34x8x8mm-75x10x7mm Rainbow Natural Agate Branch Beads 15" (AG593)m

Crimp cover,4mm silver-plated 75pcs

10mm Natural Indigo Lapis Lazuli round beads 15" (BB-32)c

18x18mm Silver Pewter Toggle Clasps For Jewelry 3 sets (EFD57)a

14x9mm Purple Crystal Faceted Teardrop Beads 12" (CR687)a

4x2mm Silver Pewter Flower Finding Beads 32pcs (HP60)a ~ Lead-Free ~

TOHO Seed Bead Round 8/0 Silver-Lined Teal (08-27BD/c)

17x18x11mm-22x18x13mm Red Sea Coral Nugget Beads 15" (CO134)f

21x14x4mm-27x21x6mm Natural Crystal Quartz Nugget Beads 15"(QZ170)e

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