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last updated 00/07/2018

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Stenella Antiques
High Quality Pre-owned Furniture Delivered to your home!

Mirrors: 23 item(s) found.

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V39370: Raschella Highly Carved French Style Mirror 265.00 View Details
LV41685: Large French Treaumeau Mirror 895.00 View Details
LV41740: FRIEDMAN BROTHERS Georgian Style Mirror w. Eagle 995.00 View Details
LV41741: SOUTHAMPTON Mahogany Chippendale Shell Mirror 595.00 View Details
LV41742: COUNCILL CRAFTSMEN Mahogany Chippendale Mirror 595.00 View Details
LV41743: Mahogany Chippendale Mirror w. Eagle 695.00 View Details
LV41744: FRIEDMAN BROTHERS Mahogany Chippendale Mirror w. Shell 895.00 View Details
LV41745: SOUTHAMPTON Mahogany Chippendale Mirror 595.00 View Details
LV41746: Tiger Maple Chippendale Mirror 595.00 View Details
LV41747: ETHAN ALLEN Mahogany Chippendale Mirror 395.00 View Details
LV41748: Mahogany Chippendale Mirror w. Carved Eagle 295.00 View Details
LV41749: FRIEDMAN BROTHERS Gold Leaf Mirror 795.00 View Details
LV41750: FRIEDMAN BROTHERS Gold Leaf Painted Mirror 595.00 View Details
LV41751: French Style Treumeau Mirror 695.00 View Details
LV41752: HENREDON Gold Leaf Mirror 595.00 View Details
LV41753: HENREDON Gold Leaf Mirror 595.00 View Details
LV41755: FRIEDMAN BROTHERS Silver Leaf Mirror 395.00 View Details
LV41756: Gold framed mirror 295.00 View Details
LV41758: Silver Leaf Mirrors w. Birds 395.00 View Details
LV41759: CAROLINA Gold Silver Leaf Mirror 395.00 View Details
LV41760: LABARGE Arch Top Faux Finish Mirror 395.00 View Details
LV41763: Oval Gold Leaf Mirror 295.00 View Details
LV42650: Italian Made Venetian Etched Glass Decorator Mirror ~ NEW 895.00 View Details
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