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last updated 00/03/2019

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Stenella Antiques
High Quality Pre-owned Furniture Delivered to your home!

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LV39384: Large Acrylic Perfume Bottle Design Decorative Vase 95.00 View Details
V35121E: Gold Framed Oil Painting on Board-Stalking Tiger 295.00 View Details
V35193E: Gold Framed Oil on Canvas Painting: Golden Monkey Large 495.00 View Details
LV35119E: Mahogany and Gold Oil Painting on Board Sitting Tiger 295.00 View Details
LV35123E: Gold Framed Oil Painting on Board Leopard in Grass 295.00 View Details
LV35151E:Antique Gold Framed Oil Painting on Canvas Lion Couple in Grass Field 365.00 View Details
LV35154E: Silver Framed Oil Painting on Canvas Med.Father & Son Elephants Scene 365.00 View Details
LV35155E: Dusty Gold Framed Oil Painting on Canvas-Jungle Monkey Medium 365.00 View Details
LV35156E: Faded Gold Framed Oil Painting on Canvas-Medium Monkey on Ledge 365.00 View Details
LV35157E: Antique Gold and Black Framed Oil Painting on Canvas Stalking Tiger 365.00 View Details
LV35162E: Gold Framed Oil Painting on Canvas Elder Tiger 365.00 View Details
LV35165E: Gold Framed Oil Painting on Canvas Medium Zebra in Water 365.00 View Details
LV35176E: Rustic Gold Framed Oil Painting on Board-Medium Elephant Sounding Off 365.00 View Details
LV39383: Pair Large Italian Art Glass Vases 495.00 View Details
LV39394: Large Square Metal Decorative Wall Art 135.00 View Details
LV41686: Large Framed Still Life Oil Painting On Canvas 995.00 View Details
LV41687: Guy Roy Signed Modernist Oil Painting On Canvas 995.00 View Details
LV41688: Large Framed Oil Painting ~ Sun Room ~ Signed Peter H. 995.00 View Details
LV41689: Artist Signed Framed Oil Painting On Canvas ~ Exotic Birds ~ Vandbe 995.00 View Details
LV41692: Parc Monceau Framed Canvas Print In Ornate Frame 395.00 View Details
LV41693: Vintage Haywood Hardy Framed Hunt Scene Engraving 295.00 View Details
LV41698: Artist Signed Print In Gold Frame ~ L.Hlesister 195.00 View Details
LV41699: Artist Signed Print Of Boy Gold Frame ~ Big Brother 195.00 View Details
LV41702: Thomas Kincade ~ Stillwater Bridge Framed Oil On Canvas ~ Signed & 295.00 View Details
LV41703: Thomas Kincade ~ Hometown Bridge Framed Oil Painting 395.00 View Details
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