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last updated 00/03/2018

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Stenella Antiques
High Quality Pre-owned Furniture Delivered to your home!

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LV41676: Federal Style Mahogany Barometer w. Convex Glass 395.00 View Details
LV41773: MAJOLICA Umbrealla Stand 295.00 View Details
LV41774: Pair Horse Weather Vanes On Stands 495.00 View Details
LV41782: Painted Iron Plant Stand 395.00 View Details
LV41796: Floral Painted Box 149.00 View Details
LV41797: Egyptian Cat Figure 139.00 View Details
LV41799: MAITLAND SMITH Ceramic Horse 199.00 View Details
LV42078: JOHN RICHARD Decorative 56 x 47 Red Throw Blanket - Rug 165.00 View Details
LV42079: TAPESTRIES LTD. Decorative Tapestry w. Rod - African Print Scene 365.00 View Details
LV42365: SPEER COLLECTIBLES Chinese Decorated Porcelain Vase 189.00 View Details
LV42366: Orange - White Chinese Decorated Vase 265.00 View Details
LV42370: Green Jar w. Stopper 49.00 View Details
LV42372: 3 Piece Black Marble Barry Bowl 265.00 View Details
LV42373: Armillary Sphere Bronze w. Crystal Center 265.00 View Details
LV42374: WILDWOOD ACCENTS Talisman 69.00 View Details
LV42375: Bronze Finish w. Marble Base Finial Obelisk 89.00 View Details
LV42376: JOHN RICHARD Set Of 3 Engraved Glass Bottles 165.00 View Details
LV42378/LV42379: WILDWOOD White Glass Vases 149.00 View Details
LV42380: CHINTZ Leafy Vine Hand Painted Spiral Vase 89.00 View Details
LV42382: Hand Painted Flowering Vine Vase Bowl 189.00 View Details
LV42384: Pair Black & Silver Regency Wall Sconces 139.00 View Details
LV42385: Cloisonne Enamel Blue Lidded Jar 265.00 View Details
LV42386: Pair CASTILIAN Square Polish Crystal Vases 89.00 View Details
LV42388: JONATHAN RICHARD Modern Design Silver w. Black Bamboo Vase 130.00 View Details
LV42389: JOHN RICHARD Oval Modern Silver Vase w. Black Bamboo 169.00 View Details
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