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last updated 00/07/2018

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Stenella Antiques
High Quality Pre-owned Furniture Delivered to your home!

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LV41699: Artist Signed Print Of Boy Gold Frame ~ Big Brother 195.00 View Details
LV41701: Framed Oil On Canvas ~ Landscape 395.00 View Details
LV41702: Thomas Kincade ~ Stillwater Bridge Framed Oil On Canvas ~ Signed & 295.00 View Details
LV41703: Thomas Kincade ~ Hometown Bridge Framed Oil Painting 395.00 View Details
LV41705: J.Gaston Signed Oil Painting ~ Street Scene 495.00 View Details
LV41706: Street In Eze ~ Framed Oil Painting On Canvas ~ WM Benecke 895.00 View Details
LV41707: John Powell Signed Floral Serigraph 495.00 View Details
LV41708: Musical Violin Signed & Framed Oil Painting On Canvas 695.00 View Details
LV41709: Gold Framed Duck Oil Painting On Canvas By Steve Rogers 895.00 View Details
LV41710: Gold Frame Oil Painting On Canvas ~ 3 Kittens 795.00 View Details
LV41716: Framed Oil Painting On Canvas ~ The Path Signed Rosenbaum 195.00 View Details
LV41718: Shaerick Signed Oil On Canvas ~ Ducks By Water 295.00 View Details
LV41720: Thomas Kincade Oil Painting ~ Lakeside Hideaway 295.00 View Details
LV41722: Pair Gold Framed Signed Floral Prints ~ C.1992 395.00 View Details
LV41723: Vintage Framed & Matted Bird Print ~ Naturalist Birds 295.00 View Details
LV41724: Vintage Framed “The Surrey Foxhounds” ~ 1824 Hunting Print 295.00 View Details
LV41726: John Powell Chinoiserie Signed Serigraph ~ Days Gone By 895.00 View Details
LV41727: Pair Chinoiserie Asian Watercolors In Gold Gilt Frames 395.00 View Details
LV41729: Christian Title Signed Serigraph ~ Autumn Leaves 495.00 View Details
LV41730: Framed & Signed House Garden Watercolor By Elizabeth Bergy 495.00 View Details
LV41732: Large Framed Oil Painting On Canvas w. Italian Grapes 995.00 View Details
LV41733: D.Masson Signed Winter Street Scene Oil Painting On Canvas 695.00 View Details
LV41734: W. Johannes Signed Venetian Oil Painting On Canvas 995.00 View Details
LV41735: Parisian Square Signed Framed Oil Painting On Canvas 795.00 View Details
LV41736: Large Framed & Signed Paris Scene Oil Painting On Canvas 895.00 View Details
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