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last updated 00/07/2018

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Stenella Antiques
High Quality Pre-owned Furniture Delivered to your home!

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LV42630: W.KING AMBLER Framed “Abstract Horizon” Modern Print ~ NEW 395.00 View Details
LV42632: W. KING AMBLER Framed Floral Print In Neoclassical Frame ~ NEW 265.00 View Details
LV42633: W.KING AMBLER Neo Classical Framed Floral Print ~ NEW 265.00 View Details
LV42634/35: Pair NEW CENTURY Numbered & Signed Framed Prints ~ NEW 295.00 View Details
LV42637: Framed Vineyards Oil On Canvas ~ NEW 365.00 View Details
LV42639: Framed Outdoor Scene Oil On Canvas ~ NEW 365.00 View Details
LV42640/41: Pair W. KING AMBLER Distressed Framed Prints ~ NEW 595.00 View Details
LV42642: W.KING AMBLER Framed Parrot Print ~ NEW 395.00 View Details
LV42643: “Evening Snow” Decorative Framed Painting On Canvas ~ NEW 265.00 View Details
LV42644: Pair Framed Print Of Writing Pens ~ NEW 235.00 View Details
LV42645/46: W.KING AMBLER Pair Black & Gold Botanical Framed Prints ~ NEW 365.00 View Details
LV42647/48: Pair Gold Framed Birds Oil Paintings On Canvas ~ NEW 795.00 View Details
LV42649: Decorative Framed Caribbean Print ~ NEW 95.00 View Details
LV42652/53: Pair W.KING AMBLER Framed Hand Colored Dog Engravings  ~ NEW 365.00 View Details
LV42661: Framed Oil Painting On Canvas ~ Lemon Tree ~ NEW 465.00 View Details
LV42662: Olive Topiary Decorative Framed Print ~ NEW 95.00 View Details
LV42663: Humphrey Signed Landscape Oil On Canvas Painting ~ NEW 395.00 View Details
LV42666: Hollywood Regency Mirror Framed Urn Print ~ NEW 165.00 View Details
LV42671/72: Pair W. KING AMBLER Russet Asian Textile Prints ~ NEW 395.00 View Details
LV42673/74: NEW CENTURY Pair Decorative Framed & Matted Prints ~ NEW 295.00 View Details
LV42675/76: Pair W. KING AMBLER Framed Botanical Prints ~ NEW 465.00 View Details
LV42677/78: W.KING AMBLER Pair HERALDIC Crest Framed Prints ~ NEW 295.00 View Details
V10593E: Framed Oil on Canvas Three Lions 695.00 View Details
V10622E: Framed Oil on Canvas Eagle Painting 595.00 View Details
V10625E: Framed Oil on Canvas Grand Canyon 895.00 View Details
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