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International specialty foods at wholesale prices.

Welcome to where you can find specialty Foods from all over the world, sold by the case or partial case.

Sorry! This item is currently unavailable. If you would like more information about this item, please contact us.

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Anchovy fillets in Olive oil 2 x220g in glass Monte Pollino

Zergut Roasted Eggplant Spread/Appitiser 9 x19oz Bulgarian

Coeur de Chèvre Organic Goat Cheese Logs 2x 4oz

cake Kuchenmeister Tiramisu Coffee Liqueur Cake 2 x400g from Germany

Ferrarini Salami Emilia 4 x3.3 Lb dry cured from Reggio Emilia Italy

Community Grains Wheelies 1Lb Hard Hard Amber Duram W wheat

Jose Andres Picual Olive Oil 16.9oz from Spain

conf Vergani Torrone Friable 2x 100g bars Crunchy Nougat w/Almonds

Suntastic Organic Dried Figs 4 x6.17oz from Turkey

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