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last updated -1/01/2015

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International specialty foods at wholesale prices.

Cheddar xxshrp 2 Year Aged Raw 2 x8oz Grafton Village Vermont rounds


Item Price/Item Quantity
Cheddar xxshrp 2 Year Aged Raw 2 x8oz Grafton Village Vermont rounds $10.00

This listing is for 2 x 8oz mini black wax coated mini-wheels of GRAFTON VILLAGE special reserve 2 year aged raw xxsharp white Cheddar from Vermont.

This normally sells online for about $10.00 ea, but because of a special end-lot deal from the importer, we are able to offer a limited amount of this fine cheese for $5.00ea ($10.00 per 2pack).

Their signature cheddar has earned national acclaim for its mellow tartness, creamy mouth feel and unforgettable individuality. Pair with a brown ale or full-bodied Merlot.
Grafton Village Cheese, Vermont's award-winning 2 year aged Special Reserve cheddar cheese. their artisan cheddar cheese is handcrafted from premium raw cow milk from small Vermont family farms.

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Item Price/Item Quantity
Cheddar xxshrp 2 Year Aged Raw 2 x8oz Grafton Village Vermont rounds $10.00

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